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Change Log #10
 Springate •   2 months ago •  71

- Release! Go join Skywars for some epic gameplay!


Whole server:
- Improved PlayPure a lot (yes that's it)

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Change Log #9
 Springate •   3 months ago •  97

Whole Server:
- Changed ban lengths

(First: 1 week, Second: 1 month and Third: PERMANENT)

- Improved version reopening soon

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101client poopoo version release
 Fireentr •   3 months ago •  140

Yeah so i kinda fu screwed up and im recoding 101Client, heres the old version if u wanna try it,

please don't report bugs im probably already aware of them.


If you dont know how to install it here is a tutorial


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full website redesign
 Fireentr •   3 months ago •  131

I fully redesigned the website because the previous one looked awful

MVP and above now have the option to upload animated profile pictures

Also if you don't have a forum account go make one please I know you're reading this on our discord server 🧐

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Added 1.7 support
 Fireentr •   4 months ago •  162

-Added 1.7 support.

-You can now join from 1.7.x - 1.16.5

Thats all kekw

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