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Important announcement
 Springate •   25 days ago •  95

Due to a few reasons, including:


The anticheat,

Our lobby,

Maps on practice,

And the general stability of 101Network,


We have decided (Fireentr and Skyks) to whitelist and work on 101Network until we are out of beta.


The expected time this will take is unknown as of now, ranging from 1 month and above, sorry to legit only a few players who actually played 101Network consistently on survival (as the other gamemodes didn't have players).


To anyone who cares to read this announcement in the future or to anyone who read as soon as this was posted, have a good day.

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Change Log #13
 Springate •   28 days ago •  99

Whole Server:
- BitAC update, 5170 (epic dev) patched all known false flags

- BitAC now handles anyone using a VPN, this should prevent any false VPN kicks or random points where you can't join.
- Reopened server for people to freely join (UN-WHITELISTED)

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Change Log #12
 Springate •   about 1 month ago •  119

Whole server:
- Updated BitAC so (in theory) you shouldn't get false banned anymore, at all

- More anti-lag stuff

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Change Log #11
 Springate •   about 1 month ago •  117

- Added raid protection

Whole server:
- Made everything look better (cleaned up)
- Made sure everything was actually following the colour scheme
- Added a drag click warning for players that like to get mega cps
- Replay system functions perfectly now

- Made the ban default to 30 days all the time for now
- Improved report system
- Improved friend system (Yes that does mean we reset your friends, sorry)
- Improved party system

- New anti lag system so hopefully it reduces lag server side...

- Semi-released, available for beta testing now

- Fixed a few bugs causing false bans with world guard regions
- Fix...

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Change Log #10
 Springate •   4 months ago •  170

- Release! Go join Skywars for some epic gameplay!


Whole server:
- Improved PlayPure a lot (yes that's it)

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